Diamond, Grinding Wheels.

We would love the opportunity to help you increase your grinding productivity while maximizing your profits where diamond and Cbn grinding wheels are used.


Resin bond is the most versatile of all bonding systems. Resin bond grinding wheels are formulated for specific grinding applications. Costals proprietary formulations were derived from years of technical input from their engineering team and clients.

Due to the degree of elasticity, Resin bond grinding wheels promote relatively low in-feed forces which provides for a cool running and smooth grinding wheel with superior performance and finishes.

Based on the material, application, and requirements, resin wheels can be formulated for wet or dry grinding applications.


Costals custom applications use a proprietary bond developed out of necessity for the high demands of precision grinding applications of exotic materials such as super alloys, semiconductors, superconductors and ceramics ( to name a few). This bond enables all the benefits of a resin matrix to be utilized in grinding applications previously untouchable with traditional resin bonded wheels.


Metal bond grinding wheels are manufactured using a variety of metal fillers with Diamond or CBN abrasive. Generally, Metal Bond wheels have the hardest matrix, and require coolant.


Blanchard Grinding Wheels

Blanchard Grinders (which use blanchard grinding wheels) are also known as Rotary Table, Vertical Spindle Grinders.

For grinding large parts, particularly large flat plates, Blanchard grinders are the machines of choice. Blanchard Machine has manufactured over 16,000 Blanchard Grinding machines since the early 1900’s. Blanchard Grinders have become so accepted as the leaders in the field of rotary surface grinding that specifications often call for surfaces to be “Blanchard Ground.” Other manufacturers of these rotary table, vertical spindle machines are Mattison, Elgin, and Lansing, to name a few. All of these machine types use “Blanchard Grinding Wheels.”

Diamond and CBN superabrasive grinding wheels fitted on Blanchard grinders are effective when you need to grind alloy steels; specialty steel, ceramic, or composite parts; or fabrications of exotic materials, such as aircraft parts. These diamond and cBN superabrasives produce efficient material removal rates with high accuracy and high production repeatability with excellent surface finishes.

Coastal Diamond has been providing diamond and cBN Blanchard grinding wheels, rings and wheel segments for decades to improve performance on these machines vs. using conventional abrasives.



Introducing Coastal Diamond's Super-Mod Grinding Wheel


In response to the market's continuing need for new advancements in grinding technology, Coastal Diamond has just introduced the Super-Mod formulation for dry carbide grinding.  Based on successful trials in a number of local shops, we are pleased to offer this new grinding wheel which is engineered for:


       Dry Carbide Grinding

       Heavy Stock Removal

        Cool & Free Cutting / No Loading

         Dimensionally Stable "CR" Core



No minimum quantity - Two week lead time - Coastal Diamond's Application Engineers can design a wheel to maximize your productivity.  Please contact Rapp Industrial to discuss your wheel needs and arrange a consultation.




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