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Visual Precision Glass Screens & Comparison Overlay Charts for your Optical Comparator

Both Standard & Custom charts and Calibration Masters are available

Visual Precision charts are made from either glass, plastic, or Mylar with options to meet your needs for cost, durability, and visibility.  They offer several levels of certification for charts and scales.  This can include inspection and reporting with conformance to ISO 9000 guidelines.

Replacement screens for all popular brands of optical projectors are available in "protected" (coated) or "Hard Image Baked" (photo etching process) styles.

Because of the vast number of sizes, material, manufacturers and magnifications available, comparator charts are not available for online purchase.  When ordering a chart, please specify the following information:


  1. Chart Number
  2. Comparator Manufacturer
  3. Model Number of Comparator
  4. Magnification's)
  5. Increments (inch or metric)
  6. Material Type
  7. Material Finish


Here are a few typical designs (some styles are available in glass only - others in glass or plastic):




Prices generally range from $110 to $220 for 6" screens, $141 to $282 for 12" screens and $336 to $549 for 32" screens.

This is one of several measuring & precision glass scales which are available:


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